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Horwath Hussain Chaudhury & Co. is one of the oldest and reputable professional services networks for the following reasons:

REPUTATION The methodologies and quality assurance programs of Horwath Hussain Chaudhury & Co. help executives and audit committees manage their responsibilities in an era of heightened concern for financial reporting and corporate governance. Streamlined audit processes result in timely financial reporting and disclosure, which is an expectation of regulators, as well as creditors, lenders, investors, and other stakeholders.

INSIGHT The audit professionals of Horwath Hussain Chaudhury & Co. have the ability to understand complex financial transactions and audit the effectiveness of internal controls. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected financially, our professionals also advise on the convergence of national accounting practices to International Financial Reporting Standards. Because information on emerging trends, industry benchmarks, and best practices adds value, we can provide the qualitative, comparative financial performance analysis that can help you recognize the strengths and weaknesses in your organization.

SERVICE Horwath Hussain Chaudhury & Co. takes pride in flexible, well-designed processes that are risk-based and technologies that respond to client needs. Prompt identification and communication of issues and timely delivery of results eliminate surprises, which promotes more respectful business relationships and improvements in financial reporting.